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Business Process Optimization

June 10 2020

Basic work organization hacks you may have forgotten about

We all know this picture a little too well – email inbox overflowing with messages, notes all in artistic disarray waiting to be turned into a meeting summary, browser window slowly approaching its limits around open tabs and overdue priorities piling up at the pace of light.

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Agile Product Development

May 25 2020

Custom made or off-the-shelf solution. Fashion dilemma in the world of business.

The competitive advantage and strong market position is not something given once and for all. It’s rather a continuous process of constant improvement and development of an array of internal processes not visible from the outside.

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Business Process Optimization

April 24 2020

3 tools to help map and improve processes in your company

Surely you’ve ever wondered, what is the factor that determines on company’s success or failure. The factors like people, technology, culture are obviously significant; however, none of these is universal enough to apply any rule suitable to all kinds of industries.

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Agile Product Development Project management

April 2 2020

How to win at product development and not waste your money

You have a great idea, plan, and strategy for a new product. Or maybe you’d like to add some features to an existing one? It’s time to make the sketches come true, and you feel it’s time to hire a software house?

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Business Process Optimization

March 28 2020

When Excel is not good enough anymore

Stagnation, lack of development is something no business can afford, especially in its early days. Entrepreneurs often wonder if they’re heading in the right direction, and where the company is on its business journey. How to check it?

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October 3 2019

Want to learn UX?

Working with startups, you often get one particular question regarding the app’s design – what is a secret to designing an interface that everyone will fall in love with? According to Keeble, even the best ideas can fully blossom only when confronted with real-life, potential users.

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October 3 2019

Programming with Minecraft

Technology advances really fast. It’s hard to predict what the world is going to be like in twenty years when our children will be entering the job market. Giving them knowledge that we can be sure is still going to be useful in a few years is incredibly hard.

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Business Process Optimization Product Development

October 3 2019

What should be your next business step?

SWOT is a simple, yet powerful tool that can help you develop your business strategy, as well as uncover potential that’s waiting ahead. The primary objective of SWOT analysis is to help companies develop full awareness of the factors involved in decision making.

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Product Development

October 3 2019

No time for a manual

What’s the biggest value in today’s world? The answer is contrarian to what may spring to mind first, it’s not money. It’s time. Never before the world has had so much to offer. With so many projects to do, so many books to read, so many places to visit — we feel like there’s no time to waste.

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