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July 7 2021

Summary of the year of remote work: how to level knowledge in a team?

The sense of agency (resulting from the same level of knowledge in the team) proved difficult to achieve in remote mode. Read how to organize a remote team for it to form a whole despite the physical distance. And one that it does not lose its unique vibe.

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Agile Product Development

June 18 2021

Discovery workshops: What are the main benefits for the client? part 1

Most of the time, before starting the project, clients don’t see the point in taking part in the Discovery workshops, assuming that the most important things are included in the brief. However, the brief is only a general description that shows more or less what the whole process would look like.

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Product Development Technology

April 22 2021

The difference between solutions and creating software – part 2

This time I explain how to set Success Criteria within a project and how it helps teams enhance their self-organizing skills. I will also share a few specific examples from our portfolio, giving you a more detailed insight into how we operate in these areas within Inwedo.

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March 24 2021

Technology trends moving into 2021

People all over the world absorb digital services and integrate them into their lives. They do it faster and more often than ever before. The growth of on-demand services, the strengthening of the e-commerce market, online education, digital entertainment, games and e-sports are just a few of them.

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Product Development Technology

February 15 2021

The difference between solutions and creating software – part 1

I believe it’s worth it to stop for a moment and take a look at the software delivery process, thinking of it as a journey of managing by context and alignment of success criteria.

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December 11 2020

Enterprise of the future, CX, DX and trends in 2021

According to IDC, companies will spend nearly $ 271 billion on digital transformation in 2020, but this will ensure new sources of revenue only 16% of them. Digital transformation spending will account for 51% of all IT spending in Europe by 2023.

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Product Development

December 3 2020

Estimated vs. actual costs of software development. Part 2

From this article, you will learn about what Founders and Software Houses can do to plan IT project development well. We will concentrate on how Founders can prepare to deal with the uneasy challenge of precise project estimation.

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Product Development

November 26 2020

Estimated vs. actual costs of software development. Part 1

Predictable, according to plan, within a budget and schedule – those would be the elements of a perfect process. But what does it look like in reality? What does the pricing process look like? Why isn’t it in line with the final cost of the project? What are the possible pain relievers?

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Agile Product Development Project management

November 17 2020

Closing a project or phase – offboarding. A seamless way to successful software implementation

In software projects, everyone is looking forward to the end result and implementation of the system with all its functions. It happens, however, that once the work is done – Clients often feel lost about the next steps.

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