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Product Development

May 25 2022

How to sell a product using a pre-launch Waitlist Strategy

The main goal of a novice startup strategy is to get acquainted with the target group and the market. So imagine how perfectly a person who signed up for the waitlist for your product or service fits into this group.

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Agile Product Development

April 8 2022

Product Workshop 7 steps to reduce costs and minimize risk during product development

Most of our clients turn to us with the following questions: How to deliver solutions faster? How to reduce the costs of software development? How to minimize the project risk? It turns out the answers are not so simple.

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Agile Project management Technology

March 16 2022

Product Owner vs Project Manager – which one do you need?

With the growth in popularity of agile and scrum project methodologies in the field of software development, it is becoming increasingly frequent to see people with job titles like Product Owner or Project Manager. While often confused, the two positions play different roles in the project.

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Business Process Optimization Technology

January 19 2022

Is Excel the best for data management and what is the alternative?

If we try to pick the most influential Microsoft product so far, it would probably be the Microsoft Excel. Well, we can argue that the operating system is a prerequisite for spreadsheets (and therefore Windows is the most important one), but other than that it’s definitely Excel.

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Business Process Optimization Technology

December 17 2021

Measuring the unmeasurable: entrepreneurship, uncertainty and data

If we’re trying to properly handle the data inside of an organization, we should never stick to the Tayloristic approach to data and improvement. There is always a possibility that our models don’t include important pieces of information, or the input data is biased in some way.

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Business Process Optimization Product Development

December 7 2021

Business problem solving softwares – 4 examples of software solutions that allows to handle business problems

Technology doesn't just support business—it transforms it. Through custom software development, solutions can be crafted and tailored precisely to unique needs, far surpassing the capabilities of off-the-shelf products. However, the number of possibilities may lead to creating over-extensive solutions with several unnecessary functions.

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.NET Technology

September 15 2021

When (not) use JSON Patch in ASP.NET Core. A real-life testimony

JSON Patch in ASP.NET Core can be a powerful tool, but it is often tricky to use and may cause problems while implementing in some business cases. In this article, I’ll teach you how to use this tool, avoid those problems, and when not to use it to update your business domain model.

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Product Development Project management

September 1 2021

Role of product owner in the project team. Why do you need them?

Project management and further work on its development are undoubtedly a challenge for the entire team, as well as for the client who wants to realize his vision. The issue of building such a team and division of tasks is not without significance here.

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Agile Technology

August 18 2021

Software testers: their role in developing applications

The role of a tester in a team is surrounded by many myths. One of them is that it is the most problematic role in a team. The second is that his/her work delays handing the finished product over to the customer.

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