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Agile Product Development Project management

September 29 2022

How to use milestones in IT project management

So, you’re looking to set milestones for your software development project and don’t know how to do it, or you’ve tried, and it didn’t go as you expected. In this guide, we will use our experience in planning and executing IT projects to answer the most common questions about milestones.

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Agile Product Development

September 22 2022

Outsourcing software developers for agile projects – everything you should know

The IT market is abundant with software houses offering all kinds of cooperation models. It’s great to have options, but how to choose the matching one among all that variety? What kind of criteria to adopt when comparing potential IT service providers?

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Agile Product Development Project management

September 9 2022

All you need to know about user stories in agile development

Agile is our methodology of choice, and we see how positive its impact is on our productivity and relationships in the team. User stories are its essential element that proves its human focus. This complete guide will prepare you for working with an agile software team that works with user stories!

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Product Development Project management

August 29 2022

Project milestones – trail markers in a software development process

Well-designed milestones can make or break any project. Their role is not only to mark the progress and help your team work according to schedule, budget, and scope but also to communicate your project’s success to all stakeholders.

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Business Process Optimization Product Development

August 10 2022

IT outsourcing services – common mistakes and how to avoid them

IT outsourcing can be indeed very much rewarding, but there are rules to be followed and pitfalls to be avoided. Let us walk you through common mistakes people make when they decide to farm out IT services.

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Business Process Optimization Product Development

August 2 2022

5 scenarios where IT outsourcing services can help you get your software project out of a tight spot

Sometimes, it’s best to call in the cavalry – an outsourced IT team – to help you overcome your organization’s technological challenges. Here, we have selected five significant cases where IT outsourcing becomes a powerful tool at your disposal.

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Business Process Optimization Product Development

July 14 2022

Outsourcing IT is not just a single service but many. What are their differences?

This article is all about the nuts and bolts of outsourcing IT and is intended to give you an overview of the service and examine its different variants and their potential benefits. What role can they play in helping you overcome the challenges your organisation is facing?

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Business Process Optimization

July 7 2022

10 Examples of Business Processes You Can Optimize with Software

Today, the right software can help you make your company run smoothly and efficiently while minimizing costs and labor. So, what are some examples of optimizing business processes with software? In which areas, improvement can bring the most tangible results?

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Business Process Optimization

June 29 2022

All you need to know about business process optimization in 2022. A comprehensive guide to BPO

In 1930, Toyota revolutionized how cars are manufactured, and multiple companies followed suit. If you have ambitions of becoming as outstanding in your field as Toyota is in car manufacturing, you need maximum efficiency. Find out how to optimize your business processes.

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